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  • With Greg Reid
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  • Professional Skipper Training on Your Boat
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  • Vessel Deliveries by commercial master 25 year + experience
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I have been a fishing guide for over 20 years and owned one of Australia’s largest sportsfishing operations so I know a bit about what makes a great fishing experience.  Good guide, good boat, good gear and a good location that produces the fish.  Our trip with Greg had all of that plus that little extra “something” that differentiates the best from the rest.  Congratulations Greg and best of luck.  Would love to try some sight casting with fly next time.

Gary Crombie

Oblivienne Sportsfishing Lord Howe Island

Mate, what can I say. Had the best day’s fishing in a looooonnngg time. Not only do you know your stuff, your a pretty good fella as well! I enjoyed the day immensely and am glad to pass on referals. I have learned more today about fishing with lures than all my previous trips combined! (and at 52 years of age that’s a lot ). I now feel confident to try and replicate the same results and have a hands on knowledge of what to look for and why! May 2010 bring you nothing but Good Karma and prosperity.

Ric (Lippy)